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Be it our Uncompromised Quality or our care for environment, we give priority to every aspect of our commitments and that proves that we not only look different but "we are different"

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Environment Friendly

An Honest Attempt

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3R Concept

An honest attempt for mother earth

We started implementing the 3R Concept with 1 simple concept "Solve our waste problems and redirect raw material waste streams." It is with this attitude that we positively affect the environment we live in. Some of the initiatives we have taken on this regard :

  • All our packing materials are fully disposable and recyclable.
  • Use of stainless steel glasses and invest on dish washers to keep hygiene untouched.
  • Tied of with professional waste management partners to collect our waste for further management.
  • Proper infrastructure for food storage and processing to reduce wastage.
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we are certified

CR considers brand equity as an important asset to build in a food retail business. The company has brand managers to design the strategy and execute the campaigns in case of requirement. CR will never compromise on outlet Branding.

Our Pillars

Good is no longer good enough ! So we excel

Refining the process is an ongoing activity.

Most of the work that quality professionals do is related to continuously improving our processes. Some of the tools that we use include design of experiments, process capability studies, root cause analyses, document control, quality circles, suggestions, Six Sigma, Walter A. Shewhart's cycles, ISO 9001, just-in-time manufacturing and supplier qualification, among many others.

Our project management are the means by which we improve our processes.

We consider every Project as a mission-critical activity, and delivering quality result on time is non-negotiable.Be it openning a new outlet or handling a market challenge that was unexpected.We are completing 90 percent of our projects within 10 percent of budget and schedule. OUr dedicated team of experts establish standards for project management, including a project office,cut our major project cost overruns, delays and cancellations by 50 percent.

We like to think of ourselves as change masters, but in truth, we are change bigots.

Change is inevitable, and we must embrace it if we are going to be successful in our challenging world.
The change management system is made up of three distinct elements:

  • Defining what will be changed

  • Defining how to change

  • Making change happen

We document everything we know be it explicit or tactic

The true standard of our success for knowledge management is the number of people who access and implement ideas from our knowledge networks. Our networks bring state-of-the-art ideas and/or best practices into the workplace. This allows us to develop areas of critical mass that implement standards and also provides access to everyone so that they can make comments to improve them. Even the newest member of the organization can look at the materials and make recommendations based upon his or her personal insight, creativity and experience.

Our Peoples are at the heart of everything that we do.

It is all the resources and assets that are available to Us. This includes stockholders, management, employees, money, suppliers, inventory, boards of directors, alliance partnerships, real estate, knowledge, customers, patents, investors, good will, and brick and mortar. It is easy to see that when we consider all of the resources that are available to us, effective resource management is one of the our most critical and complex activities.