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'Foods prepared at Chaai Resto is fast, delicious and price-worthy'

Posted by 'Admin' on '1/16/2018'


Chaai Resto is already a popular destination of tea lovers of India. Along with tea they get an opportunity to taste delicious foods that are made in extremely hygienic condition. Foods prepared atChaai Resto are highly praised by the customers, and there is no dearth of customers who come here over and again just for the sake of hot and delicious Chaai Resto recipes.

The taste of Alu Paratha or the smell of IndoriPoha, everything prepared here are just unique and unforgettable. Again, hundreds of avid customers visit Chaai Resto just to take home special Maggi dishes or mouthwatering pastas. Tastes of Paneer Maggi, Mix Veg Maggi, Egg Maggi, egg pasta and veg pasta dishes of Chaai Resto are just awesome.

Chaai Resto is also famous for its various North Indian dishes. Recipes like IndoriPoha, Mix Veg Poha and Egg Poha will not be found anywhere in the country. These are prepared by the cooks who are specialized in various North Indian dishes including Pohas. Best spices and other ingredients are bought from different parts of the country to prepare these Pohas.

Apart from these, customers also like to taste Parathas here. Muli Paratha, Gobi Paratha, and Methi Paratha etc. are all known famous Indian foods, but in the hands of Chaai Resto chefs, these Parathas get some special shapes, colors and tastes. Just for the sake of Parathas hundreds of food lovers throng at Chaai Resto.

People who have already visited Chaai Resto, often recommends their colleagues, friends and relatives to try Chaai Resto foods once. With magnificent coordination, the kitchen staffs and front desk staffs prepare all these menus within minutes. Moreover, products are packed very hygienically so that foods remain hot and flavorsome for long hours. Service and foods at Chaai resto really deserve what they charge against each dish.


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