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'Chaai Resto uses 100% Natural Flavors in Making Tea, Serves more than 20 Flavors of Teas'

Posted by 'Admin' on '9/20/2017'


At Chaai resto, we offer 100% natural flavours which helps to strengthen your body's immunity and delay the natural ageing process in a refreshing all-natural way. The wide variety of tea we offer are beautifully flavoured, these fine green tea leaves is produced through 100% natural procedure which makes it full of anti-oxidants. Our tea are made of naturally grown tea leaves from tea estates in the world-famous region of Assam and other neighbouring states, which makes our tea taste unique, delicious and healthy from other tea shops.

Chai resto not only serves pure form of healthy teas but also stimulate your taste buds with mouth watering, robust and tasty variety of flavours. We have around 20 different types of teas making a Chaai lover fall in love with the depth and flavours of these tea everyday. We have milk teas like Desi chaiai which is the popular indian street tea famous for its milky, sweet and smooth flavour. We have Masala tea with spices like ginger, Cloves, Star etc. Likewise we have Cinnamon, pepper, ginger and elaichi flavoured tea.

There is growing awareness in Indian population for herbal and green tea due to its enormous health benefits helped us in introducing amazing varieties like mint chai, stomach soother chaai, tulsi chai, tulsi lemon chaai, green chai, green lemon chai and tulsi ginger tea.

So why not visit your nearest Chaai Resto and try our 20+ delicious flavours which not only enlightens your mood and reduces stress but also gives health benefits.


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