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'ChaaiResto is the Ultimate Tea Retail ChainFor Traditional Teas and Fresh, Yummy Food.'

Posted by 'Admin' on '1/24/2018'


Chai Resto offers best of authentic and delicious glass of chai that is connected to India’s common mass’s emotions. We have started chai bars with a simple phenomenon to make tea easily available to each person as it is the largest consumed beverage in India.

We have a variety of chai like lemon chai, mint chai, masala chai along with traditional teas like desichaai, Ginger chaai, cinnamon chai and elaichi chai which is close to people’s heart. We also offer herbal teas which not only improves digestion but also treats common gastro-intestinal problems besides offering delicious and refreshing taste. We have traditional teas that give intense and robust taste along with delicate complexity of fine flavours with a vast selection of exemplary black tea to suit every taste bud and profile.

Our vast variety of black teas include black chai in authentic deep, aromatic and delicious original flavour. We also offer black tea with ginger which makes its taste more intense and beautiful. At Chaairesto, enjoy chai at any time of the day providing yourself respite from the heat or weariness from work, stress or travel.

As per our customs and traditions, a cup of tea is always accompanied with a selection of savoury snacks like poha, sandwich, noodles, omelette etc. We offer you all these lip smacking and amazingly delicious items to enjoy and complete your cup of tea! After tasting flavours at our chai bar you will definitely come for more!

You must be thinking what is there for a non tea drinker? Don't worry, we take care of our customers with the best of items to offer. We have a variety of pure milk flavours like hot nutty badam milk, turmeric milk, bournvita and horlicks along with different varieties of coffee. So why wait when you can get a great variety of food and beverages at one place making Chaairesto the ultimate retail chain for tea and yummy food.


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