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'Tulsi Chai and Mint Chai of Chaai Resto is unique in its true sense'

Posted by 'Admin' on '10/10/2017'


Chaai Resto is one of the most talked about food chain in India. Everyday hundreds of customers visit Chaai Resto to sip their favorite teas and spend some quality hours with friends and relatives. Just for the sake of Chaai Resto teas, people come here from distant places and they come here again and again. There are almost twenty different types of teas are available at Chaai Resto, which are in fact the brands of Chaai Resto.

Among these different tastes of teas, Tulsi Chai and Harbal Chai of Chaai Resto are just unique in the market. These are not only specially formulated, but also prepared by specially trained cooks. Chaai Resto is getting wide popularity for these two types of teas.

The famous Tulsi Chai available only in Chaai Resto contains all the benefits of Tulsi. This herb abundantly available in India helps to reduce weight significantly, reduce extra stress, boost stamina, protect the body from cough and cold, enhance body immunity and also helps to protect the body from multiples of diseases. Apart from providing all these health benefits, Tulsi Chai available at Chaai Resto is also a splendid antioxidant that instantly flushes out most of the toxins from the body.

Each cup of Mint Tea served to the customers at Chaai Resto are packed with multiple of health benefits. Mint improves immunity, cures bad breath, decreases stress, rejuvenates the muscles and improves digestion. Mint Tea is extremely tasty, aromatic and a good antioxidant.

There are customers, who visit Chaai Resto almost every day. The internal environment, the presentation and of course the taste of Tulsi or Mint tea keep a customer stick to his or her sit for hours and enjoy each sip with utmost gusto.


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