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'Chaai Resto is moving fast with Indian Culture.'

Posted by 'Admin' on '8/13/2017'


The concept of Chaai Restro took center stage in our country for many years with the discussion of nation, society, family and life happening over a cup of tea. Chai is a part of every ritual- be it getting up early in the morning with a cup of ginger tea, or get together with friends after a long time with snacks and tea. Our idea is simple with a contemporary implementation of Chaai’s importance in India. </p>

<p>We believe in offering you the best and your convenience is our priority, always. Chaai Resto is moving fast with Indian culture as we keep on experimenting with the flavours of tea, offer variations with herbal, greens and black tea and a huge variety of snacks to always accompany your cup of tea.</p>

<p>There are many coffee shops but we don't hear a famous tea chain outlet dedicated to tea only? For tea, people have to depend on their home or any street side tea stall to get a glass of tea, this is the main reason behind the foundation of Chaai Restro. To bring every other Indian near to their tradition and chai is one of it along with a comfortable and clean ambience to sit and relax. This thick sweet drink is an integral as well as favourite part of everyone’s life. In every cup of our tea, you will get a glance of Indian culture and remember your mom’s tea like taste.</p>


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