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'Chaai resto is the best place which gives the ultimate tea experience..'

Posted by 'Admin' on '12/20/2017'


So there are many chai shops in Bangalore each claiming to be better than the other so why Chaai Resto stands out from the rest of these? One should visit to give these answers themselves but we will do it for you :

Quality over Quantity

We at Chaai Resto takes pride to bring you best Chaai our country can offer starting with the best grade of tea, strong flavour and intense aroma.

A great glass of Chai has to cover lot of ground to become the most sought after and deliver on its promise. The starting point is the right quality and grade of tea. Our tea leaves does not contain any artificial flavours and colours, offering you a sip of better health each time you order our tea. We try our best to give attention to each and every detail in the process of making a good tea and improve our work with every new cup of tea. India loves tea and we strive to bring it closer to every Indian during their stressful day of hard work.

Programatic approach

We analysed the pattern of Chaai consumption in different regions and planned our strategy of expansion accordingly. We analysed the demand of different flavours of chai and planned our service so that our customers get a regular supply with less waiting time and better services. We have 12 bars across India and 10 corporate bars currently in development all over Bangalore. Its just a beginning but we have provided great ambience and services to provide the best of snacks, tea and other special products as per customer feedbacks and demands.

Comforting ambience

We provide relaxing and soothing ambience for people where they can comfortably sit and chat with their friends and colleagues whilst enjoying a cup of tea/coffee and snacks. People come and relax in our comforting ambience after a day of handwork from offices which really make them feel that we care for each one of our customers and their needs.


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