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'A Cup of Irani Chai, you will remember for rest of your life'

Posted by 'Admin' on '11/16/2017'


You must be wondering that i have never heard of Irani chai! Well its a new variety of chai which is the talk of down with its amazing taste and flavour paving its path into the hearts of many people. Irani chai goes long back in time when it first entered Hyderabad when Persians introduced this flavoured beverage to the country when they settled in Hyderabad, the city of Nawabs.

This is an utterly delicious than with lot of flavour which you can sip while relaxing back and pampering your taste buds.

Irani tea is very refreshing and only one cup of it makes a special place in the hearts of tea lovers. The richness and hours of handwork to make the milk thick and delicious will give you a cup of tea that you will always remember.


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