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'Chaai Resto has a Huge customer base every day. '

Posted by 'Admin' on '7/3/2017'


Chaai resto’s presence is now in many corporate offices across Bangalore with a huge customer following that love our tea and snacks. We are making efforts to expand to other cities maintaining the consistency in quality, taste and service. We service a quality glass of tea and a lot of hard work goes there, we have a quality check at every store to maintain the same blend and taste.

Our customers love the ambience that we provide which is modern and functional to go with quick and immediate response of services.We understand that our customers need a quick break from their work to recharge and so we provide quick services, light-friendly environment and good quality tea and food which we prioritise as our foremost operating pillar.

Our customers come daily to try different variety of heart warming tea and beverages that we offer, getting a vibrant, lively and great taste that we promise. All our beverages are made of natural and original ingredients which are 100% healthy. People who have visited Chaai Restro, recommends it to their friends as now it is a daily hangout place for most of the corporate employees. Food is also highly praised by customers and each experience is unforgettable and unique which make Chaai Restro stand out from rest of the tea retail chains.


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