'ChaaiResto is the Ultimate Tea Retail ChainFor Traditional Teas and Fresh, Yummy Food.'

Posted by 'Admin' on '1/24/2018'

'Chai Resto offers best of authentic and delicious glass of chai that is connected to India’s common mass’s emotions. We have started chai bars with a simple phenomenon to make tea easily available to each person as it is the largest consumed beverage in India. '


'Foods prepared at Chaai Resto is fast, delicious and price-worthy'

Posted by 'Admin' on '1/16/2018'

'Chaai Resto is already a popular destination of tea lovers of India. Along with tea they get an opportunity to taste delicious foods that are made in extremely hygienic condition. Foods prepared atChaai Resto are highly praised by the customers, and there is no dearth of customers who come here over and again just for the sake of hot and delicious Chaai Resto recipes. '


'Chaai resto is the best place which gives the ultimate tea experience..'

Posted by 'Admin' on '12/20/2017'

'So there are many chai shops in Bangalore each claiming to be better than the other so why Chaai Resto stands out from the rest of these? One should visit to give these answers themselves but we will do it for you : '


'A Cup of Irani Chai, you will remember for rest of your life'

Posted by 'Admin' on '11/16/2017'

'You must be wondering that i have never heard of Irani chai! Well its a new variety of chai which is the talk of down with its amazing taste and flavour paving its path into the hearts of many people. Irani chai goes long back in time when it first entered Hyderabad when Persians introduced this flavoured beverage to the country when they settled in Hyderabad, the city of Nawabs. '


'Tulsi Chai and Mint Chai of Chaai Resto is unique in its true sense'

Posted by 'Admin' on '10/10/2017'

'Chaai Resto is one of the most talked about food chain in India. Everyday hundreds of customers visit Chaai Resto to sip their favorite teas and spend some quality hours with friends and relatives. Just for the sake of Chaai Resto teas, people come here from distant places and they come here again and again.'


'Chaai Resto uses 100% Natural Flavors in Making Tea, Serves more than 20 Flavors of Teas'

Posted by 'Admin' on '9/20/2017'

'At Chaai resto, we offer 100% natural flavours which helps to strengthen your body's immunity and delay the natural ageing process in a refreshing all-natural way. The wide variety of tea we offer are beautifully flavoured, these fine green tea leaves is produced through 100% natural procedure which makes it full of anti-oxidants. '


'Chaai Resto is moving fast with Indian Culture.'

Posted by 'Admin' on '8/13/2017'

'The concept of Chaai Restro took center stage in our country for many years with the discussion of nation, society, family and life happening over a cup of tea. Chai is a part of every ritual- be it getting up early in the morning with a cup of ginger tea, or get together with friends after a long time with snacks and tea. Our idea is simple with a contemporary implementation of Chaai’s importance in India.'


'Chaai Resto has a Huge customer base every day. '

Posted by 'Admin' on '7/3/2017'

'Chaai resto’s presence is now in many corporate offices across Bangalore with a huge customer following that love our tea and snacks. We are making efforts to expand to other cities maintaining the consistency in quality, taste and service. We service a quality glass of tea and a lot of hard work goes there, we have a quality check at every store to maintain the same blend and taste.'


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